Happy 4th of July

Posted by Larissa Sielicki on

I wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July to spend with your family and friends. I send prayers and gratitude for all of you who have served or love someone who serves our great country. I hope that summer allows you  more time to create and relax.  I just has to share this photo with my best assistant Blaze, always at my side and willing to help and earn a treat.


  • Thank you Larissa, wishes for you, Blaze, and all your loved ones to have a lovely holiday!

    Kate on

  • Hey Larissa,
    Happy 4 th to you and yours! I was wondering if you had “projects bag” with Woolybaba printed on it. I wanted to buy one for myself and my granddaughter! She has just started knitting and needs a special place to keep her work. There is no name better than Woolybaabaa! Best wishes, Julie Ressler

    Mrs. Julie Ressler on

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