Moving Forward

Posted by Larissa Sielicki on

This past winter has been unusually quite, the extra time I had allowed me to travel a bit and indulge with some of my own projects and interests. I also sew and worked as a professional pattern maker before venturing into the knitting world which was also before the digital age. I have been exploring Adobe products and  teaching myself to draft patterns with Illustrator. It has been gratifying, albeit frustrating and slow, and maybe soon I will have something interesting to share with you all.

On the knitting front, I am still happily exploring any and all promising new yarns to find ones I feel worthy of carrying and offering to you. Currently I am working on a cardigan with Sirdar Snuggly, a  new 100% Merino 4 ply. It knits up beautifully and is very comparable to Baby Ull. If you are interested in trying a ball, please let me know, I'd be happy for you to try it out and hear what you think. The new books I have for spring are all amazing, some really cute and easy tank tops in Vogue Knitting that will whip up quick in Lerke or Vipe.  I hope you can take a look and enjoy one more project with Dale yarn bought from Thanks for visiting.


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