Re-Color a Knitting Chart

Posted by Larissa Sielicki on

Have you ever wished there was a quick way to see the knitted dream you dreamt up in your head?  Paper and colored pencils have worked for centuries, but each new idea means another new start which can quickly add up to hours of time. I have been experimenting with Adobe Illustrator for several years now and I have refined my technique to chart out a design. Illustrator is the ideal application for this because you can easily swap out the colors and see what all of the color combinations that you are thinking about will look like. Building motifs and editing patterns is also a breeze once you have it digitally created. You  can easily decide what you want, but then you can use the chart in a quick sketch and see what the project will look like experimenting with placement and other design options. Below are a few examples of the charts I recently made. Do you have a chart you’d like to see recolored? Email me at




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