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Another autumn has arrived! 16 years ago I had a dream to earn a living while also being available for my family and somehow include creative materials that I enjoyed, like yarn and knitting. I am happy to say that I achieved my goal, I have spent the last 16 years learning and growing as a business person, artist and human being. Running brought me satisfaction and connections with people around the world that I never imagined possible. The world and business climate are changing at break neck speed and it hasn't been as much fun lately. My priorities have shifted and I now want to better understand the world and be free from expectations and things that bog me and my precious time on this earth either physically, mentally or spiritually. I still enjoy creating with my hands, I don't think that ever will change, but I  have no interest in constantly feeding my creativity to  Social Media or having an inventory of materials beyond what I can reasonably use at any given time. I hope you will find something you can use to make your creative journey materialize. I have marked everything down below cost and I am looking for ways to liquidate the rest of my inventory by the end of the year. If you particularly like something I sell, let me know and we can work out a deal just for you. It is  important to me that the remaining inventory go to a useful purpose and not be simply disposed of. I will still be following those of you who share your talents on SM, I will always be in awe of what creative minds and talented hands produce, and maybe someday I will have something special to share again, but for now freedom is calling.


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