Why and How I made My New Leather Cases

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What a summer it has been! I have kept myself very busy working on projects that I hope you will find inspiring and useful to your knitting. Mostly, I have been occupied with developing my new Handcrafted Leather Knitting Needle Cases. What inspired me to  develop a new case for my circular needles is the “snake in a can” experience I too often had  when opening my circular needle case. They are wild things that need to be tamed for sure, losing one or having to rummage through all the pockets in my knitting bag to find the one I wanted simply became unacceptable. Like you, I value my investment in my knitting supplies and I want to feel good about keeping them organized, safe, and accessible especially when I travel.

 I started playing around with ultra-suede and sewing what I had in mind. I wanted it  to be durable, good looking and keep the needles in place even if it fell on the floor or was in a crowded knitting bag.  My first cloth designs ticked all of the boxes except durable. I decided that cloth just wanted going to cut it and started a search for a leather artisan who could help me. I went through several companies all leading to the same dead end, they weren’t interested in making  small batches, and even if I could commit to an order of hundreds, the cost was out of reach crazy. I almost gave up until I met Juan, a leather artisan in Bogota, Columbia whose family business Capra Leather handcrafts a wide range of beautiful leather cases and products. He instantly saw the value in such a case, requested a few measurements, and began making samples. Before I knew it, what once was a vague idea in my head was now a useful reality in my knitting bag! I am proud to be able to offer you these affordable beautifully made cases in two sizes, the smaller case, made in a smooth and rich brown leather holds 2 pair US size 8 (5 mm) or up to 6 pair of smaller sized needles and the larger case, made in a deep Cognac leather holds 2 pair up to US size 17 (12 mm) or up to 8 pairs smaller sized needles.  

I view my knitting needles as a vital component to my creativity and part of that pleasure simply comes from having them at my fingertips when I need them. I feel that these cases have added joy to my knitting experience and already are just as treasured as the needles they contain. Most likely our tools will outlive us and probably the handicrafts we make, but while I am using them, I like to take pride in what I call mine. I really hope you will give them a try and that they enrich your knitting life by making it more organized and satisfying. My next design will tackle interchangeable tips and cables, but bringing one dream to life feels like quite an accomplishment for the summer of 2020.


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