The Winds of Change

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2021 is "Marching" forward and I just wanted to share with you some of the  business changes that I am implementing at First, I would be ungrateful to not recognize and give thanks to all of the shoppers who participated in my Winter Stock Up Sale as I ceased to represent HiyHiya Knitting products. I had never been busier and it never felt so good to work so hard and be losing money! The pure joy came from relieving myself of something I no longer wanted in my possession and also knowing it wasn't going to waste. I am also grateful that I found Brittany of to buy the remainder of my inventory. If you are looking for Hiyahiya products she will take good care of you, she is a very nice woman and we laughed at how similar our lives and business practices were.  Also, I am no longer selling on Amazon, another 50 lb boulder  (completely self-imposed!) removed from my back and again, I  feel nothing but gratitude to be done with their tyranny and free and independent again.  I am going to continue to represent my remaining products, but I am also looking for a path to move my business into a less tangible product, one that will not require storage space. I am still brain storming on that concept, so be sure to check back often and see what develops.

I wish you all health, peace of mind and joy in what you do and to all you share your talents with. It is my opinion that our greatest power to live in a country we are proud of and that represents the values we hold is now our spending power. It is for that reason I am so grateful and feel privileged to serve you and hope I can continue to do so. May God Bless you all.

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