Hiya-Hiya Interchangeable Sharp Tips

Staci Perry of VeryPink featured the Hiya Flyers Set in Feb 2020 video, be sure to watch and learn all of her tips.

Hiya-Hiya Sharp tips come in either 4" or 5" and equal that length once inserted into the cable. The tips are lightweight, smooth, strong and are made of high quality stainless steel that will stay the same after years of heavy knitting. The screw together connection stays tight and has a seamless join for no snagging or bumps, the stitches will slide right over the connection. The tips are very sharp and ideal for working with yarns that easily split and for fine lace work.  They warm in you hands and are ideal for all yarns. The 4" tips are available in US sizes 2-15 and the 5" tips are available in  US sizes 0-15.

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