16" Hiya-Hiya Sharp Circular Needles (40cm)

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Hiya-Hiya 16" Sharp Circular Needles are ideal for projects like cuffs, hats, socks, sweaters, sleeves, neckbands, and baby projects. They can be used for circular as well as back and forth knitting projects.  The Sharp tip makes it excellent for fine delicate yarns and prevents splitting and helps you knit faster because the point is easier to insert into the stitch. Hiya-Hiya 16" Sharp Circular Needles are made of high quality stainless steel have a smooth finish, flexible cables and near perfect join. They are lightweight to handle and will warm quickly to the hand. 16" Sharp Circular Needles have 5" straight tips and come in sizes US 0-15 ( 2 mm-10mm).